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Belts of quality
• conveyor belts with polyester (PET), Aramid (Nomex, Kevlar), glass silk
  and cotton reinforcement
• standard PU (polyurethane), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and fibre-bonded belts
• alternatively, coatings from silicone, various types of rubber, Hytrel,
  velour, leather (chrome-split) - in smooth or structured variants.
• conveyor belts with a variety of properties such as transverse stability,
  flexibility, friction or cut resistance, antistatic, non-inflammable, low odour,
  adhesive or smooth running, temperature-resistant up to 280°C ambient
  temperature, FDA approved, chemical or oil and grease resistant, resistant
  to damp, UV or ozone effects
• available in widths up to 8 meters.
Production technology and implementation
• one-piece or endless belts and piece goods
• simple or offset finger connections, levels and scarfed connections and
  the use of mechanical connectors (hook or alligator connectors) and
  polyester zipper connections
• welded or glued PVC and PU flat or wedged strips
• welded and glued profiles and cleats (t-cleats either straight, slanted
  or fractured, cleats from belt material) in various arrangements
• sidewall belts in PU with or without feet - PVC and Celloflex
• edge seals
• punching holes, etc for vacuum transport or attachment of cups or catchers
• installation of special coatings with connectors, or seamless continuous belts
• continuous welds up to 4 meters wide assembled on site
Esband conveyor belts
Endless conveyor belts with the following properties
• low weight, or special tear resistance, or knife resistance
• homogenous, coated or jointed areas
• low extension or extreme elasticity
Coated toothed belts
Polyurethane (PU) or neoprene® toothed belts
• finite or continuous -(seamless) - coatings in smooth or structured
  surface textures
• coatings as varied as rubber, PU, Sylomer, Celloflex, Porol, silicone or PVC
• processing on the drive or carrying surface (holes, milling, countersinking,
  cutting, grinding)
• fitted with catchers (studs) and guide rails
To aid systematic and convenient ordering we will gladly forward samples, technical data sheets and / or questionnaires on all products from our drive, transport and process sectors as well as technical leather sector.