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Leather quality
croupon, halves or shoulders sizes in stock:
• cow hide type EG, 2-6.5 mm thickness
• cow hide type EG/NG 3-8mm thickness
• chrome-split in various thicknesses
• natural chrome or dyed (black, red, brown), Melior
• uppers and sole leather
• Alternatively, modern non-woven material is also available for
  stamps and cut-outs.
Power transmission and conveyor applications
• leather conveyor belts and double leather belts as piece goods,
  endless belts or jointed continuous belts fixed with connectors
• coating materials for flat and toothed belts, and conveyors
• wall bindings for friction presses
• round leather drive belts
Sealing technology and special applications
• leather article and patterns made to measure
• V- and cup rings, valve flap leather
• clapper leather
• clutch pads in metal processing industry
• dog lines and collars, armbands, as piece goods
To aid systematic and convenient ordering we will gladly forward samples, technical data sheets and / or questionnaires on all products from our drive, transport and process sectors as well as technical leather sector.