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A company and family chronicle

The businessman Wilhelm Quadt founded the company at December 1919 in Rheydt-Odenkirchen. Basically he supplied the market of the local and regional textile processing industry (OEM, weaving mill) with leather power transmission belts plus the Dt. Reichsbahn with diverse technical leather articles.
After the second world war the building - which was destroyed for the most parts - was reconstructed by his son-in-law Anton Schroeren at the same location. Because of the continuing revolution an expansion of the rooms was required - so the relocation to the Steinfelder Straße followed in 1970. Over there the product range was expanded with power transmission belts with polyamide tie beams inside plus the production of conveyor belts.
In 1987, after the death of his father, son Manfred Schroeren took over the General Management. Under his management export activities of the company increased significant. From this time Quadt power and driving belts are supplied globally.

Our companies 75th anniversary was celebrated in 1994 with numerous illustrious guests.

After several other successful acquisitions (Hessische Ledertreibriemenfabrik, Schlatterer ESband sales agency, …) also the rooms have been too limited and the extension of the building was needed - especially for the strong growing conveyor belt sector.
Since 2004, after a second removal, the company is located at its present location in pretty and modern rooms at the Hocksteiner Weg 24 in Mönchengladbach.

Nowadays son Marcus Schroeren (a graduated economist) is next to his father Manfred responsible for further innovation in the general management.

Innovations like special coated tooth belts as well as profile belts and pipes for rusticating machines in the ceramic industry are only some new examples for our (future) mission: "Everthing rotate around the running belt"