Welcome to the Company Quadt

We are a global supplier of products to OEMs, technical agents and end-users in a wide range of business sectors

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• Timber industry
  (saw mills, circular saws, planes)
• Textile processing industry
  (spinning preparation machinery, carding, combing, fleece transport,
  spinning and winding machines, cutting plants, stackers, fibre
  processing and washing machinery)
• Metal processing industry
  (de-burring machines, tool-making machinery, fly presses,
  swarf transport systems)
• Food and drinks industry
  (meat, fish, fruit and vegetable processing, refrigerator and
  oven conveyors, fresh juice production and weighing belt conveyors)
• Ceramic industry
  (packaging units, setting machines, rusticators)
• Printing and paper industries
  (folding box plants, core winders, parking and cash
  dispensers, transverse cutters, letter sorting machinery)
• Plastic industry
  (injection machines, checkers, sorting machinery, automatic
  packing machinery, foil bag machinery)
• Agriculture and energy industry
  (balers, mowing machinery and turbine drives)