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Flat belts
• originally made from pure grain leather, today combined with plastic fibre
  reinforcement from polyamide (PA), Aramid and polyester (PET) etc.
• coated with chrome-tanned split, textile, Elastomer, Neoprene®
• available as piece goods, one-piece or endless belts
• endless glued, welded belts, and the use of mechanical connectors
  (hooks connectors)
• manufacturer to your technical requirements - such as for light or heavy
  transmission applications, tangential transmission, synchronization or burst
  mode, rpm and belt speed, disc diameter, friction and expansion values etc.
• environmentally conscious manufacture, consideration of the effects of
  oil and grease, swarf and electrical conductivity
Transmission belts
Neoprene® and PU power transmission belts (with steel, Vectacord or
Kevelar reinforcement)
• in all normal metric and inch sizes
• as double drive belt
• available piece goods, endless loops or continuous welded
Special belts, bands and roller coverings
• rubber, woven, elevator and roller belts
• module and curved belts
• finite and continuous (manufactured without seam) roller coverings,
  weaving boom bands
• profile, scrabble belts and tubes for rusticators
Esband drive belts
Endless woven flat belts from our Esband agency
• with uniform expansion and tear strength throughout the complete length
• with very low pre-tensioning
• for the smallest degree of curvature and frequent bends

Round, wedge and poly V belts
Round belts from
• leather, PU (polyurethane), PE (polyester elastomer)
• in all common strengths and degrees of Shore Hardness
• as piece goods, welded continuous or hook-joined (high performance)
  belts, small, classic, wide drive belts, power belts (poly-V belts) with all
  the common profiles
To aid systematic and convenient ordering we will gladly forward samples, technical data sheets and / or questionnaires on all products from our drive, transport and process sectors as well as technical leather sector.